Chart of All The Supernatural Events Recorded in the Bible

Supernatural Events in the Bible Chronicled: Compiled by Dr. Norman L. Geisler

MATMM Geisler


1 Creation of the world.
5:19–24 Translation of Enoch to be with God.
7:9–12, 17–24 The Noahic Flood.
11:1, 5–9 The Judgement on the Tower of Babel.
12:10–20 Plagues on Pharaoh for taking Abraham’s wife.
17:15–19; 18:10–14
21:1–8 Sarah’s conception of Isaac.
19:9–11 Angels blind the Sodomites.
19:15–29 The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
19:24–26 Lot’s wife turned to salt.


3:1–15 The Burning Bush.
4:1–5 Moses’ rod turned into a serpent and back.
4:6–7 Moses’ hand become leprous and is restored.
7:10–12 Aaron’s rod turns into a serpent and swallows up the rods of the Egyptian sorcerers.
7:19–24 Water in Egypt turned into blood.
8:5–7; 12–13 Frogs brought forth on the land of Egypt.
8:16–18 Lice are brought forth on the land of Egypt.
8:20–24 Swarms of flies are brought forth on Egypt but not on the land of Goshen.
9:1–7 Murrian (deadly pestilence) is brought on the cattle of the Egyptians, but not on Israel’s cattle.
9:8–11 Ashes produce boils on the Egyptians but not on Israel’s men and animals.
9:22–26 A terrible storm of thunder, hail, and fire which ran along the ground.
10:3–19 A plague of locusts on the Egyptians.
10:21–23 A plague of darkness was brought on the Egyptians while Israel had light.
12:29–30 Slaying the first born children.
13:21–22 The pillar of cloud led Israel by day, and the fire led them by night.
14:19–20 The angel of the Lord protects Israel from the Egyptians.
14:21–29 The parting of the Red Sea.
15:23–25 Sweetening of the bitter waters of Marah.
16:12–13 The camp of Israel is covered with quail.
16:14–15 Manna is provided for Israel to eat.
17:5–6 Moses strikes the rock and water is provided.
17:8–16 Remarkable victory over Amalek.
19:16–18 Fire and smoke engulf Mount Sinai.
19:19–25 God answers Moses from the Mount.
20:1–17 God gives the Ten Commandments to Moses.


9:23–24 Fire from the Lord consumes the burnt offering.
10:1–7 The fatal judgment upon Nadab and Abihu.


11:1–2 Fire from God to consume murmuring Israelites.
12:10–15 Miriam is made leprous and is healed.
16:35 Fire from the Lord consumes 250 men who offered incense.
16:28–33 Korah and his rebels are swallowed by the earth.
16:46–48 The plague stopped by the offering of incense.
17:8 Aaron’s rod buds.
20:7–11 Moses strikes the rock to bring forth water.
21:6–9 Healing by looking at the brass serpent.
22:21–35 Balaam’s donkey speaks.


3:14–17 The waters of the Jordan are divided.
5:13–15 The appearance of the Captain of the Lord’s hosts.
6 The fall of Jericho.
10:12–14 The sun stands still upon Gibeon.


2:1–5 The Angel of the Lord appears to Israel.
3:8–11 The Spirit of the Lord comes upon Othniel.
3:31 Shamgar slays 600 Philistines with an ox-goad.
6:11–24 The Angel of the Lord appears to Gideon.
6:36–40 The sign of Gideon’s fleece.
7:15–25 God delivers Midian into the hands of Gideon.
13:3–21 The Angel of the Lord appears to Manoah.
14:5–6 Samson slays the young lion.
15:14–17 Samson slays the Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey.
16:3 Samson tears down the city gate and carries it away.
16:27–31 Samson causes the collapse of the temple of Dagon.

1 Samuel

3:2–10 The voice of God calling Samuel.
5:1–5 The overturning of the god, Dagon.
5:6–12 Philistines in Ashdod smitten with tumors.
6:19 The Lord smites the men of Beth-Shemesh.
28:15–20 Samuel appears from the dead to rebuke Saul.

2 Samuel

6:6–7 The Lord fatally smites Uzzah.

1 Kings

3:3–28 God gives Solomon great wisdom.
17:1 Elijah prays and rain does not come for 3 years.
17:2–6 Elijah is fed by the ravens.
17:8–16 Meal and oil are supplied for the widow of Zarephath.
17:17–24 Elijah raises the widow’s son.
18:17–38 Fire from heaven consumes the sacrifice of Elijah on Mt. Carmel.
18:41–46 Elijah prays and God sends an abundance of rain in response.
19:5–8 Elijah is fed by the Angel of the Lord.

2 Kings

1:9–15 Fire from heaven consumes two captains and their men.
2:7–8 Elijah parts the waters of the Jordan and walks across on dry ground.
2:11 Elijah is taken up into heaven in a chariot of fire.
2:13–14 Elisha parts the waters of the Jordan.
2:19–22 Elisha heals the waters of Jericho.
2:24 Blasphemous youths killed by she bears.
3:15–20 Ditches are mysteriously filled with water.
4:1–7 A widow’s oil pot is refilled with oil by God.
4:8–17 Elisha prophesies and the Shunammite woman bears a son.
4:32–37 Elisha raises the Shunammite’s son.
4:38–41 Elisha detoxifies the poisonous pottage.
4:42–44 One hundred men are abundantly fed with 20 loaves of bread and 20 ears of corn.
5:1–14 Naaman is healed of leprosy.
5:27 Gehazi is struck with leprosy.
6:5–7 Iron axe head floats on water.
6:16–17 Elisha’s servant’s vision of the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire.
6:18 The Syrian army is struck with blindness.
6:19–20 God opens the eyes of the Syrians after Elisha leads them into Samaria.
13:20–21 A dead man is raised by contact with elisha’s bones.
20:9–11 Ahaz’s sundial returns backward by ten degrees.


38–42:6 God speaks to Job from the whirlwind.


1:1 Isaiah’s vision concerning Jerusalem.
6 Isaiah’s vision of the Lord.


1 Exekiel has a vision of God’s glory.


2:26–45 Daniel recounts and interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.
3:14–30 Three Hebrew youths delivered from the fiery furnace.
5:5 The handwriting on the wall.
6:16–23 Daniel saved from the lions.
7:1–8:14 Daniel’s visions.
9:20–27 Daniel’s vision of the 70 weeks.
10:1–12:13 Further visions of Daniel.


1:4–16 Tempestous storm from God to arrest the fleeing Jonah.
1:17 The Lord prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah.
4:6 The Lord prepares a gourd to shade Jonah.
4:7 The Lord prepared a worm to smite the gourd.
4:8 The Lord prepared a vehement east wind.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

Matthew Mark Luke John Description
1:11–19 An angel of the lord appears to Zacharias.
1:20–22 Zacharias is struck dumb.
1:26–38 Angel of the Lord appears to Mary.
1:64 Zacharias healed of dumbness.
2:9–15 Angels appear to shepherds.
3:16–17 1:9–11 3:21–23 Holy Spirit decended as a Dove, and a voice from Heaven spoke.
4:11 1:13 Angels minister to Jesus after the temtation.
1:42–48 Jesus sees Nathanael under the fig tree.
2:1–11 Water turned into wine.
2:23 Jesus performs many signs.
4:46–53 Nobleman’s sone healed.
4:30 Jesus escapes from the hostile crowd.
5:6 Catching a draught of fish.
1:23–25; 4:33–35 Casting out an unclean spirit.
8:14–15 1:30–31 4:38–39 Healing Peter’s mother-in-law.
8:16 1:32–34 4:40 Healing many sick people.
4:23–24 1:39 Jesus heals all manner of sickness and casts out many demons.
8:2–3 1:40–42 5:12–13 Cleansing a leper.
9:2 2:3–5 5:18–20 Healing a paralytic.
5:6–9 Healing an infirmed man at Bethseda.
12:9–13 3:1–5 6:6–10 Healing the man’s withered hand.
12:15 3:10 Healing of many people.
8:5–13 7:1–10 Healing a centurion’s servant.
7:11–15 Raising a widow’s son at Nain.
12:22 Casting out a demon from a blind mute.
8:23–26 4:35–39 8:22–24 Stilling the storm on the sea of Galilee.
8:28–32 5:6–13 8:28–33 Casting out the demons and allowing them to enter swine.
9:23–25 5:35–42 8:49–55 Raising the ruler’s daughter.
9:20–22 5:25–34 8:43–48 Healing the woman with an issue of blood.
9:27–30 Healing two blind men.
6:5 Jesus heals a few sick people in Nazareth.
9:32–33 Casting out a demon from a deaf mute.
9:35 Jesus heals the sick in many cities.
14:14 Jesus heals the sick among the great multitude.
14:15–21 6:35–44 9:10–17 6:5–13 Feeding the five thousand.
14:25 6:48 6:19 Walking on the sea.
14:35–36 6:55–56 Healing of many at Gennesaret.
15:21–28 7:24–30 Healing the Canaanite woman’s daughter.
7:31–35 Healing a deaf mute.
15:30–31 Jesus heals many among a great multitude.
15:32–38 8:1–8 Feeding the four thousand.
8:22–25 Healing a blind man at Bethsaida.
17:1–8 9:2–8 9:28–36 Jesus’ transfiguration.
17:14–18 9:17–27 9:38–42 Healing the Epileptic boy.
17:24–27 Temple tax in the fish’s mouth.
9:1–7 Healing a man born blind.
11:14 Curing a demon-possessed, blind mute.
13:11–13 Healing an infirmed woman.
14:2–4 Healing a man with dropsy.
11:43–44 Raising Lazarus.
17:12–14 Cleansing ten lepers.
19:1–2 Jesus heals many at the borders of Judea.
20:30–34 Healing the two blind men.
21:14 18:35 Jesus heals the blind and the lame man in the temple.
21:18–19 11:12–14; 20 Withering the fig tree.
12:28–29 A voice from Heaven.
22:51 Restoring a servant’s ear.
27:51 15:38 23:45 The Veil of the Temple is torn from top to bottom.
27:51 A great earthquake, and the rocks were broken.
27:52–53 The tombs were opened and many of the dead are raised.
28:1–10 16:1–8 24:1–12 20:1–9 The resurrection of Jesus.
28:1–7 An angel rolls the stone from the grave and speaks to the women.
28:5–8 16:5–7 24:4–8 Angelic appearance to those at the sepulcher.
20:11–13 Two angels appear to Mary.
16:9 20:14–17 Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene.
28:9–10 Jesus appears to the women.
16:12 24:13–35 Jesus appears to the two on the road to Emmaus.
20:19–23 Jesus appears to 10 apostles.
28:16–20 16:14–18 24:36–49 20:26–31 Jesus appears to 11 apostles.
21:1–25 Jesus appears to 7 apostles.
21:6 Miraculous catch of fish.


1:3–5 Jesus appears to all the apostles. (Lk 24:24–51)
1:6–9 Jesus ascends into heaven.
1:10–11 Two angels appear to the apostles.
2:1–4 The coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.
2:4–13 The apostles speak with other tongues.
3:1–11 Peter heals the lame man in the temple.
5:5–10 Ananias and Sapphira are killed.
5:12 Many signs and wonders performed by the apostles.
5:18–20 Anel releases the apostles form prison.
7:55–56 Stehen sees Jesus at the right hand of God.
8:7 Unclean spirits are cast out of many.
8:13 Philip performs miracles and signs.
8:14–17 The Samarians receive the Holy Spirit.
8:39–40 Philip caught away by the Holy Spirit.
9:3–7 Jesus appears to Saul (cf. 1 Cor. 15:8).
9:10–16 Jesus appears to Ananias.
9:17–19 Saul’s sight is restored.
9:32–34 Peter heals Aneneas.
9:36–42 Dorcas is restored to life.
10:1–8 Cornelius receives a vision.
10:9–16 Peter receives a vision three times.
10:44–48 Cornelius’ household receives the Holy Spirit.
12:7–10 An angel releases Peter from prison.
12:23 The angel of the Lord kills Herod.
13:8–11 Elymas the sorcerer is blinded.
14:8–10 Paul heals a lame man at Lystra.
16:16–18 Paul casts a demon out of a young woman.
18:9–10 The Lord appears to Paul.
19:6 Believers at Ephesus receive the Holy Spirit.
19:11–12 Many unusual signs performed by Paul.
20:9–12 Eutychus is restored to life.
23:11 The Lord appears to Paul.
28:3–6 Paul protected from the viper bite.
28:7–8 Paul heals the father of Publius.
16:25–26 Prison doors opened and Paul’s and Silas’ bands are broken off.

1 Corinthians

15:6 Jesus’ appearance to five hundred people.
15:7 Jesus’ appearance to James.

2 Corinthians

12:1–6 Paul’s vision of heaven.


1:1–3:22 John’s vision of Jesus.
4:1–22:21 John’s vision of the future.
6:12 A great earthquake.
6:12 The sun becomes black as sackcloth.
6:12 The moon becomes as blood.
6:13 The stars fall from heaven to earth.
6:14 Every mountain is moved out of its place.
8:7 Hail and fire mingled with blood falls on the earth.
8:8 Something like a great burning mountain is cast into the sea, and a third part of the sea becomes blood.
8:9 A third part of the creatures in the sea die.
8:9 A third part of the ships are destroyed.
8:10–11 A great, burning star falls from heaven and a third part of the rivers and fountains become bitter.
8:12 A third part of the sun is darkened.
8:12 A third part of the moon is darkened.
8:12 A third part of the stars are darkened.
9:1 A star falls from heaven.
9:2 The sun is darkened by the smoke from the botomless pit.
9:3–11 A plague of locusts are given power to torment men for 5 months.
9:18 A third part of mankind is killed.
11:5 The two witnesses devour their enemies by fire from their mouths.
11:6 The two witnesses stop the rain for 3 1/2 years.
11:6 The two witnesses turn water into blood.
11:6 The two witnesses smite the earth with many plagues.
11:11 The two witnesses are raised from the dead.
11:12 The two witnesses ascend into heaven.
11:13 There is a great earthquake in which a tenth part of the city falls, and 7000 men are slain.
11:19 There are lightenings, voices, thunderings and earthquake and great hail.
16:2 Fowl and loathsome sores fall on men who worship the beast.
16:3 The sea becomes as blood, and every living soul in it dies.
16:4 The rivers and fountains of waters become blood.
16:8 The sun scorches men with fire.
16:10 Darkness covers the kingdom of the beast.
16:12 The water of the river Euphrates is dried up.
16:18 There are voices and thunders and a great earthquake.
16:20 The islands flee and the mountains cannot be found.
16:21 A great hail of heavy stones falls on people.
18:1–24 The fall of Babylon.
19:11–16 The return of Jesus Christ.
21:1 The new heaven and the new earth appear.
21:10 The new Jerusalem descending from heaven.

Not all these events are miracles in the technical sense of a direct action of God superseding a natural law. Some (e.g. Gen. 7, 19) may be a special act of divine providence where God uses natural laws to accomplish His purpose.

Chart adapted from Appendix 2 in Norman L. Geisler. Miracles and the Modern Mind: A Defense of Biblical Miracles. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker (1992).

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