Compiled by Dr. David P. Craig

Understanding Islam

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Comparing Christianity and Islam

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Sharing the Gospel With Muslims 

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Testimonies of Those Who Have Converted From Islam to Christianity

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YouTube Videos On Islam and Christianity

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“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” by Nabeel Qureshi


Riveting Testimony of God’s Redeeming Grace

Book Review by Dr. David P. Craig

I had no idea what kind of a treat I was in for in reading this book. I don’t think I’ve ever read such a riveting auto biography. Nabeel Quereshi tells his story of what it is like to grow up in Scotland and America as a a second generation immigrant from Pakistan. It took me two days to read the book because it is close to 400 pages and I’m a slow reader, but I had a hard time putting it down. Nabeel is a phenomenal story teller and has a witty and fantastic intellect.

This book has it all: drama, humor, depth, pathos, wisdom, and fantastic spiritual truths.  Nabeel has a way of bringing you into the story so that you feel like you are in each scene. I laughed, cried, and laughed and cried some more.

This book helped me immensely in the following ways: (1) It gave me tremendous insight into what it’s like to be a second generation Muslim living in America; (2) It helped me to better understand the beliefs, culture, sociology, and religious practices of Islam; (3) It gave me a greater compassion for people of the Muslim faith; (4) It motivated me to befriend, understand, and help Muslims; (5) It motivated me to know what I believe and why I believe it (as a Christian) more than I do; (6) It gave me an excitement to go deeper in my study of Islam and Christianity and how they are similar and different; (7) It made me want to delve deeper into being able to give numerous reasons for and evidences of the infallibility and inerrancy of the Scriptures, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and evidences for the Deity of Jesus and why this matters immensely for everyone.

I think any Christian, Muslim, or a person of any belief can benefit from reading this book. It will stir in you a desire to know what you believe, why you believe it, and motivate you to seek the truth. Nabeel has a story that will motivate you, liberate you, excite you, and can radically change your life! I can’t recommend this book highly enough – absolutely outstanding. It’s a book I will read again and again for encouragement, motivation, and transformation.


R.C. Sproul’s “The Intimate Marriage”


Wisdom For Building a Great Marriage

Book Review by Dr. David P. Craig

A book is always so much more powerful when the one who writes the book practices what he or she preaches. R.C. Sproul and his wife Vesta had a great marriage for forty seven years before he went to be in the Lord’s presence in December of 2017. In this very practical book of 163 pages Sproul practically covers six subjects with biblical insight, practical wisdom, and wry humor: (1) Communication between the husband and his wife; (2) The Role of the Man and the Woman in marriage; (3) Problems in Marriage; (4) What the Bible says about Divorce; (5) Communication and Sex; (6) The Institution and Sanctity of Marriage.

This book is by no means an exhaustive resource on Christian marriage, but it is very instructive, has strong biblical wisdom for its points, and Sproul’s inimitable ability to take deep theological truths and make them very practical. This book has something for everyone: Singles considering marriage, young engaged couples; couples with a good marriage who want it better; and those who are in trouble in their marriage. You will definitely find wisdom and encouragement to help you in whatever state you find yourself in your current relationship.

I think the greatest area of strength in this book to help you is in the area of communication. Since two of the six chapters primarily focus on communication it is particularly helpful for men – who typically have a greater struggle with communicating intimately than their female counterparts. Sproul gives numerous illustrations, and helpful ways to communicate the truth in love with your spouse. The author is a master communicator. If you have ever heard Dr. Sproul teach, preach, or read another of his many books you will be impressed with his unique ability to communicate effectively.

Since a huge problem in marriage for many couples is the inability to communicate – who better to learn from than a master communicator. I highly recommend this book to help you communicate more clearly and effectively in your marriage. Great communication is a wonderful goal to have whether you are single or married and this book is a deep well full of apples of gold to help you become a better communicator.


David S. Steele’s “The White Flag”


Rock Solid Biblical Advice For Church Leaders

Book Review By Dr. David P. Craig

It’s a rare occasion that I get to read and review a book by an author I know well. The author and I have been close friends since we were roommates in Bible college in the mid-eighties. I also feel honored and humbled that he would dedicate this book to me. David S. Steele is the man in my life that next to me dad, I admire more than any man I’ve ever known. He is the most disciplined godly man I know and I am delighted to recommend this book with the highest recommendation possible.

In this book Dr. Steele tackles the subjects of worldview, theology, biblical theology, heresy, and spiritual warfare with the skill of a top notch surgeon. There is no one I know that comes close to being as well-read, and a student who takes seriously the pursuit of godliness and the application of God’s Word as Pastor Steele. Where this book shines so brightly as an encouragement to leaders is in its depth. Dr. Steele is adept at brining the best of the Bible, Church History, Philosophy, and Theology in a way that brings tremendous depth, logic, and coherence to a Church Leader’s task.

The bottom line thesis of this book is that many pastors and church leaders in our culture have capitulated to the cultural relativism of our age. We have exchanged the great truths of the Bible for half-truths – which are really full-on lies. Too many pastors and leaders of churches are lazy with their minds, and thus not able to run the race before them. Steele brilliantly examines five key areas where the Church has compromised: (1) The dismantling of the biblical God; (2) The blatant disregard for biblical doctrine; (3) The denigrating of the person and work of Christ; (4) The disregarding of the unified attributes of God in salvation and judgment; and (5) The demolishing of a Christian mind.

What I love about this book most is that though the author does not minimize the problems we face, his emphasis is on biblical solutions that are immensely practical. The three most helpful chapters for leaders are the last five – which include a wonderful Epilogue and Appendix that are very encouraging. Steele offers a helpful strategy, offensive insights, and a plan of perseverance for leaders. This book will inspire you, re-invigorate your calling, and help you to fall in love again with your first Love. It is a call to worship the God of the Gospel. It is a resounding call to all church leaders to be what God has made us to be – His ambassadors who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!

Jonathan Edwards for Armchair Theologians by James P. Byrd


Excellent Introduction To Edwards Life, Times, and Theology

Book Reviewed by Dr. David P. Craig

The past three years have been a lot of fun for me as I’ve decided to saturate myself in the writings by, and on great Christians of history. Last year I picked C.S. Lewis, the year before that – Francis Schaeffer. This year I’m embarking upon the adventure of learning from and about Jonathan Edwards. He is considered by many Americans to be our greatest theologian and perhaps one of the top five theologians in history.

This book is a part of series of books entitled “For Armchair Theologians.” There are other books in this series on Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Wesley and several topics like Heretics, The Reformation, and Liberation Theology. I was so impressed with this book introduction to Edwards that I plan on reading all of the books in this series.

Byrd’s introduction consists of seven chapters and 174 pages before the final sections composed of notes, a helpful bibliography for further reading, and an excellent index. The chapters focus on seven areas: (1) Edwards youth – especially emphasizing his spiritual and scientific curiosity; (2) His experiences and accounts of revival in New England; (3) His ministry and eventual ousting from his church in Northampton; (4) An explanation and commentary on his theological masterpiece: “Freedom of the Will”; (5) An explanation and commentary on his work “Original Sin”; (6) An explanation and commentary on the two works: “The End For Which God Created the World” as well as his “The Nature of True Virtue”; (7) The book concludes with Edwards legacy and how he has impacted evangelicals since his time in at least three powerful ways: (a) “In their revival practice they hailed Edward’s legendary accomplishments and his scientific analysis of the effects of revival success; (b) In their personal piety they found in Edwards a model for humility and entire devotion to God; (c) And in the Life of David Brainerd, evangelicals embraced a narrative description of Edward’s theology that fit perfectly with their zeal for missions.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It has motivated me to read more biographies on Edwards, more works on his theology, but mostly it has inspired me to read the Works of Edwards and let him speak for himself. Byrd has written a concise, thorough, warm, insightful, and readable introduction that packs a punch with wit, style, and grace. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone who is intimidated by beginning a study of the great works of America’s greatest Theologian.

“Jesus in The Present Tense” By Warren Wirsebe – Reviewed by Dr. David P. Craig


How Jesus’ ‘I Am’ Sayings Make A Difference in Our Lives Today

Book Reviewed by Dr. David P. Craig

Warren W. Wiersbe is one of my favorite Christian writers because he is biblical, encouraging, and practical. This offering is no different and especially offers much encouragement for the weary Christian. In this journey through the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus, and treatments of many other Scripture passages as well, Wiersbe articulates the amazing difference Jesus makes today in the lives of those who are followers of Him.

There is great encouragement to be found in the pages of this book for those who want to understand who Jesus is, why He came as God incarnate, and how He helps us today. I found this book to be a great reminder that Jesus is more than a historical person or a distant deity. He is alive and present in our lives and more than ready to help us bear fruit for that which will last for eternity. The ‘I Am’ sayings dealt with in this book are a wonderful picture of how Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and demonstrate how we get to be an integral part of these realities.

I highly recommend this book for understanding and applying the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus and the bonus chapters that also show how Jesus makes all the difference in having an abundant life through Him in the here and now.

Book Review on J.V. Fesko’s “Who Is Jesus?” by David P. Craig


How The ‘I Am Statements’ of Jesus Connect The Old Testament and Now Testament Dots

Book Reviewed by Dr. David P. Craig

J.V. Fesko does a wonderful job in this short book (93 pages) showing the Old Testament connections of Jesus’ New Testament claims in his eight ‘I Am’ sayings in the book of John.

Fesko elaborates on how in the Old Testament “Only Yahweh walks on the water, but Jesus walks on the water and tells the disciples not to fear because He is I Am” with reference to John 6:20 when Jesus says “Do not be afraid. I Am.”

When Jesus says He is the “Bread of Life” in John 6:35, 40 the author shows how “Jesus draws the crowd’s attention to the exodus, when God fed Israel with manna from heaven. Jesus tells the crowd that He too is from heaven and that God intends to feed them with His Son, the bread of life.”

Commenting on John 8:12 where Jesus says He is “the light of the world” Fesko states, “During the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus invokes the exodus , particularly the theme of the pillar of fire guiding Israel by night. Israel identified the pillar with Yahweh, but now Jesus tells the crowds that He is the light of the world, not just Israel.”

With each of the eight sayings the author does a thorough job of exploring the themes, types, shadows, and fore-shadowing of Jesus in the Old Testament and how He comes to reveal the incarnation and redemptive plans of God in the New Testament.

J.V. Fesko’s book is concise, thorough, and contains good food for thought and discussion. I recommend this book especially for small group study (7-8 weeks) – as each chapter concludes with 3-4 questions for discussion. I found the book helpful as I preached on the ‘I Am’ sayings of Christ in a recent 8 week series in my church.