Book Review: Christ Formed In You by Brian Hedges

Justification and Sanctification in Harmony

 Brian Hedges’ first book is a clear presentation of the gospel and how the gospel impacts our salvation and the process of being conformed to the image of Christ. The organization of the book and the combination of biblical exegesis, quotes from God-centered writers of the past and present, and some very good illustrations combine to make this a book that is really a reference work that one can use again and again on the topics in the three major sections of the book:

Part 1: The Foundations for Personal Change – All five chapters in this section are related to how the gospel powerfully changes us to conform us to the image of Christ.

Part 2: The Pattern of Personal Change – Focuses on four key areas of growth in the Christian life – Holiness, Dying to Sin, Understanding and Applying Grace, and the Quest for Joy.

Part 3: The Means of Personal Change – Three chapters on “how” to become more like Christ – Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines; Preparing for and the purposes of suffering; and living out the Christian faith in the context of community.

The book also has a very extensive section of helpful notes, a general index, and a Scripture index.

I think this is an especially good book for young believers or Christians that would like to see the interplay of the gospel with reference to what saves us, and how we walk in that salvation. I think what would make this book more helpful is a study guide or application questions at the end of each chapter. I think this book could easily be used and very beneficial for a small group, and even for a membership class – because it covers many of the essential teachings related to becoming a disciple of Jesus.

Shepherd Press provided a free copy of this book for my honest review.