Book Review: Turning Mountains into Molehills By Warren W. Wiersbe

How To Turn Your Mountains Into Molehills

 This concise devotional by the prolific writer Warren W. Wiersbe consists of 30 short devotionals (one for each day of the month) originally aired over “Songs in the Night” – the radio broadcasts of Moody Memorial Church in Chicago.

I have read through this book several times over the years. It is especially good to read when you are battling discouragement, depression, or going through some kind of adversity. Each chapter stands alone and is full of Biblical principles, insights, and applications for helping you turn your own personal mountains into molehills by being reminded of God’s power, sovereignty, and love for you in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

I hope that you will get this book and be encouraged as I have so many times over the years. I highly recommend it as a treasury of reminders of God’s love for you, and how He always works out everything for our good and His glory.

Book Review: Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray

 Overcoming Depression 101

David Murray admits that his book is not an exhaustive treatment on the subject of depression, but to be seen as an introduction to depression. If it were a class it would be Depression 101.

As a pastor and life coach I have helped people with depression, and have personally battled depression my whole life. One of the things I really like about this book, is that it is short, sweet, and to the point. People who are battling depression don’t feel like reading a long treatise on depression.

In six short chapters Murray carefully and concisely writes about the (1) Crisis, (2) Complexity, (3) Condition, (4) Causes, (5) Cures, and those who (6) Care for those who are depressed. In each chapter Murray writes in a balanced manner, avoids extremes, and gives good sound biblical advice, ways to identify causes and cures of depression, through the practical use of various illustrations, examples, and solutions to help in the battle with depression.

I think one of the most helpful Chapters is Chapter 5 were he gives the 5 Keys to developing a balanced lifestyle in reducing the stress and anxiety that often leads to depression: Routine, Relaxation, Recreation, Rest, and Reprioritization. I recommend this book for those who struggle with depression, and to understand those you care for who battle with depression. It is clear, concise, and communicates well the essence of where depression comes from, how to deal with it, and where to find hope for overcoming depression.

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