A Matrix of OT Prophecy Regarding Israel

(From The Last 7 Chapters of Deuteronomy, Adapted from David L. Larsen, Jews, Gentiles and The Church, pp. 23-24)

The conditions of blessing to follow obedience26:3-13; 28:1-14
The coming apostasy31:16-21
The affliction that God would bring upon Israel, while still in the land, because of her apostasy28:15-60
Israel will be taken captive28:32-39, 48-57
The enemies of Israel will possess her land for a time27; 32
The land itself will remain desolate28:38-42; 29:23
Israel will be scattered among the nations28:63-67; 32:26
The time will come when Israel will be “few in number”28:62
Though punished, Israel will not be destroyed if she repents28:44-45
Israel will repent in her tribulation28:40-41; 30:1-2
Israel will be gathered from the nations and brought back to her divinely given land30:3-10
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