Book Review: Trusting the Shepherd: Insights from Psalm 23 by Haddon W. Robinson

Comfort and Guidance from a Wise Bible Teacher

Dr. Haddon W. Robinson is a veteran preacher, teacher of preachers, Seminary President, and one of the most sought after Bible teachers in the USA. In this short little book Robinson breaks down the most famous chapter in the Bible verse by verse giving cultural background and bridging the gap between the original meaning and the Psalms meaning for us today.

I find that for myself and most Christians I know – the battles with stress, worry, anxiety, and fear are huge. Even though we know we are supposed to trust in the Lord and walk by faith and not by sight, we struggle with trusting in a Sovereign and good God.

Robinson writes, “Someone has observed that every major portion of Scripture was written by someone having a hard time to men and women having a hard time or about to have a hard time.” Keeping this in mind throughout the chapters of this book Dr. Robinson applies the Twenty-third Psalm to many of the common human struggles we all face and shows how the Good Shepherd is worthy of our complete trust.

One of the most beneficial words of wisdom that helped me in the reading of this book was this: “God’s guidance has to do with what we are, not where we are. If we are what God wants us to be, He will have no trouble placing us where He wants us to be. We do not have to be plagued by decisions if we stay close to the Shepherd. He leads us in the right paths and they are paths of righteousness.”

I think this book is well worth reading because it will give you new insights, encourage you to trust in the Lord, and it will help you continue to become more like the Chief Shepherd – Our Lord Jesus Christ. It would be a perfect gift for people going through BIG trials like sickness, being out of work, facing death, etc. – it is a reminder of how we are like sheep who need the guidance, provision, and protection of an all-loving, all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful, and perfect Shepherd.

Book Review: Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

I just finished leading a group from my church (my third time) through this book. I don’t know who benefits more, the people I take through this book, or myself. As far as I’m concerned the two greatest truths we as Christians should have a good grasp on are the Gospel and God’s Sovereignty. There are excellent books on both these subjects, but the most practical book (in my opinion) on the latter topic is this one by Bridges.

The reason God’s Sovereignty is such an important subject is that the Christian life is a life of faith in God’s promises, His character, nature, and plans – all of which require our trust when we can’t see what’s in front of us, or why things happen the way they do. The more we know what God is really like – biblically – the more we are able to trust Him daily.

Jerry Bridges covers the following topics with biblical support, practical insight, and wise application:

1)    Can You Trust God?

2)    Is God in Control?

3)    The Sovereignty of God

4)    God’s Sovereignty Over People

5)    God’s Rule Over Nations

6)    God’s Power Over Nature

7)    God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibility

8)    The Wisdom of God

9)    Knowing God’s Love

10) Experiencing God’s Love

11) Trusting God for Who You Are

12) Growing Through Adversity

13) Choosing to Trust God

14) Giving Thanks Always

The author provides a myriad of reasons in this book into the how, why, what, and when’s involved in trusting God and His infinite trustworthiness for living the Christian life. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s been a tremendous source of encouragement for me in incredibly tough seasons of life.