9 Principles For Improving Your Preaching by Justin Anderson


Justin Anderson preaching RSF

J—Just be you.

O—Only preach as long as people want to listen to you

E—Every point should make the same point

L—Listen to what your body is saying

O—Operate a Manuel Transmission (change gears)

S—Say less, prove more

T—Teach me, move me, show me

E—Engage 4 archetypes: (1) Mechanic, (2) Smart Skeptic, (3) Disciple, (4) Dude there to pick up chicks (hit him with a hammer).

E—Everything is not “awesome” – only God is “Awesome”

N—Nurture your brain and heart

Justin Anderson is the Pastor of Redemption Church in San Francisco, California (redemptionsf.com)

*This acronym does not endorse by any means the ministry or theology of Joel Osteen. It just happens to be a good acronym for remembering these 9 points to improving your preaching craft.