What Makes for a Beautiful Woman or a Gallant Man (I Suppose)?

A Helpful Acronym on G.R.A.C.E

(Book Excerpt from *Bruce K. Waltke’s, Finding The Will of God?: A Pagan Notion?)

          I once introduced a famous colleague who was giving a speech entitled “The Most Beautiful Woman I know.” We had all assumed the man was going to speak metaphorically about something beautiful, but instead he told us of this beautiful woman who attended his church. She had an inner radiance that just seemed to light up a room when she entered. One day my friend got up the courage to ask her how she became so beautiful. Her response was, “Grace. Every day I take time to focus on grace.” Then she explained that she used the word “grace” as an acronym for her prayer time.

G is for Gratitude. She began each day praising God for His many blessings.

R is for Reading God’s Word. She spent time each day learning from the Lord.

A is for Appropriating. After reading the mind of God, she sought ways to appropriate it into her life.

C is for Charity. Since Christians will be known by their love, she looked for ways to help others.

E is for Expectation. This woman fully expected God to work through her.

Spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word, and then seeking an outlet for using what you have learned will lead you to the mind of God, and will cause the Lord to work through you. Coming to Him with an expectant heart, ready to be used by God, allows Him to shape your life and character. But it first requires an attitude that you will come to Scripture ready and willing to learn what the Lord wants to teach you.

*Bruce K. Waltke (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD, Harvard Divinity School), acknowledged to be one of the outstanding contemporary Old Testament scholars, is professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida, and professor emeritus of biblical studies at Regent College in Vancouver. He has authored and coauthored numerous books, commentaries, and articles, and contributed to dictionaries and encyclopedias.

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