Book Review on Tim Keller’s The Two Advocates

Book Review: “The Two Greatest Advocates One Could Ever Ask For” by David P. Craig

TTA Keller

In this seventh essay by Tim Keller on great encounters with Jesus in the New Testament there is a topical focus on the two great advocates that are necessary for our salvation and sanctification: the Lord Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit. Keller argues compellingly from John 14 and numerous other passages that it is impossible to be right with the Father without the person and works of both Jesus and the Holy Spirit on our behalf.

Keller articulates key doctrines of the Christian faith including the atonement, the justice of God, propitiation, and imputation with excellent illustrations that show clearly why we need two advocates in order to make us justified, righteous, and holy in relationship to the Father. We need Jesus to speak to God for us, and we need the Holy Spirit to speak to us on God’s behalf.

This essay is a fascinating exploration into a deeper understanding and appreciation for how the Triune God accomplishes and applies our salvation for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.