FRIDAY HUMOR: Biblical Ignorance of Jericho’s Walls


jericho wall

The new pastor of a rural church in eastern Kentucky dropped into a Sunday school class and began quizzing the students to test the effectiveness of the teacher. “Who knocked down the walls of Jericho?” he demanded of one boy.

“It sure weren’t me, Reverend,” the boy said.

Turning to the embarrassed teacher, the pastor said, “I suppose that’s a sample of the kind of discipline you maintain!”

“Now, Reverend. Timmy’s a good boy and don’t tell lies. If he said he didn’t do it, I believe him.”

Thoroughly upset the pastor took the matter to the board of deacons. After due consideration the board sent the following message to the nonplussed minister:

“We see no point in making an issue of this incident. The board will pay for the damage to the wall and charge it off to vandalism.”