Book Review on Tim Keller’s King’s Cross

KC Keller

Highlights of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark by Dr. David P. Craig

King’s Cross is a study of the Gospel of Mark designed for both followers of Christ and would-be followers of Christ. Tim Keller’s expertise is that he is always able to take a passage of Scripture and show how it’s all about Jesus. The Bible is not about us, but always finds its purpose in every story in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This work is not an exhaustive study of the Gospel of Mark, rather it highlights the two primary themes of Mark: Chapters 1-8 – Christ the King – highlighting His teachings, miracles, and authority as God ; and Chapters 9-16 – Christ the Servant – highlighting His sufferings that culminate in His death on the cross.

Keller throughout this book manages to weave in and out how Jesus is the answer to all of the major questions, needs, and realities of life. This book is an excellent reminder for the Christian that all of life only makes sense with Jesus at the center of it. For the non-believer Keller makes a cogent case for the necessity of Christ in his or her life. King’s Cross would be an excellent gift to give to college students, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and family members who are unfamiliar with the main story lines of the Bible.

The gospel in the life of Jesus is presented clearly, articulately, and compellingly in this concise presentation of Mark’s Gospel. The Gospel of Mark gives more than just information about Jesus. It is the account of the person that every human being longs for. We all desperately need Jesus and Keller brilliantly shows us why. One cannot read this book without desiring to have a deeper connection with the Triune God through a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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