Book Review of Warren Wiersbe’s Looking Up When Life Gets You Down

Why Us? Book Review by David P. Craig


Originally published as ‘Why Us?” in 1984, this reissue by Wiersbe seeks to answer the question: Why do bad things happen to seemingly innocent people? Other questions addressed by Wiersbe include: If God knows everything and is all powerful then why doesn’t he stop tragedies from happening? Is God limited in what He can do? Why does God seem so absent during our disappointments and pains? How Big is God? And When life falls apart, how do you pray?

Wiersbe wisely and sensitively tackles these tough questions and many more, pointing us to faith in the grace and power of God as our greatest hope in our time of need. He motivates the reader to not run or hide from God, but to “look up when life gets you down.” The author does not minimize the harsh realities of suffering but provides a plethora of resources from the Scriptures to help us cope and grow during the difficulties of life which are sure to come.

If you are looking for a clear, comforting, and helpful book to help you deal with difficult times in life this is a great place to start. Wiersbe writes a book that will not bog you down in philosophical discussion, but give you practical solutions to your grappling with pain and suffering. He will guide you into peace and rest as you encounter God’s grace and power in a new and fresh way through the ultimate sufferer – the Lord Jesus Christ.

I slowly read this book during a period in which I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, and went through a very difficult treatment and recovery process. Personally, I was helped immensely by Wiersbe’s care and wisdom and highly recommend this book for those going thorough suffering and would recommend it even more in preparing for future suffering which is inevitable.

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