A Garden That You Should Plant Daily

Butchart gardens 1

For best results, this garden should be planted every day:

Five Rows of “P”eas:

  • Preparedness,
  • Perseverance,
  • Promptness,
  • Politeness,
  • Prayer.

Three Rows of Squash:

  • Squash gossip,
  • Squash criticism,
  • Squash indifference.

Five Rows of Lettuce:

  • Let us love one another,
  • Let us be faithful,
  • Let us be loyal,
  • Let us be unselfish,
  • Let us be truthful.

Three Rows of Turnips:

  • Turn up for church,
  • Turn up with a new idea,
  • Turn up with the determination to do a better job tomorrow than you did today.

– Eugene Prime