Humor: The Amazing Jewish Samurai

Samarai swordsSERIES: FRIDAY HUMOR #46

Back in the time when the Samurai were important, there was a powerful emperor who needed a new chief Samurai, so he sent out a declaration throughout the land that he was searching for the best one. A year passed, and only three people showed up for the trials:

…a Japanese Samurai

…a Chinese Samurai

…and a Jewish Samurai

The emperor asked the Japanese Samurai to come and demonstrate why he should be the chief Samurai.

The Japanese Samurai opened a match box, and out flew a bumblebee. Whoosh! went his razor-sharp sword, and the bumblebee dropped dead to the ground in 2 pieces.

The emperor exclaimed: “This is impressive!”

The emperor then issued the same challenge to the Chinese Samurai: for him to come in and demonstrate why he should be chosen.

The Chinese Samurai also opened a match box, and out buzzed a fly. Whoosh, Whoosh! Went his great flashing sword, and the fly dropped dead on the ground…in four small pieces.

The emperor exclaimed in awe: “This is VERY impressive!”

Now the emperor turned to the Jewish Samurai, and asked him also to step forward and demonstrate why he should be the head Samurai.

The Jewish Samurai also opened a match box, and out flew a small gnat. His lightning quick sword went Whooooosh! Whooooosh! Whooooosh! …But the tiny gnat was still alive and flying around.

The emperor, obviously very disappointed in this display, said: “I see you are not up to the task. The gnat is not dead?”

The Jewish Samurai just smiled and said: “Circumcision is not meant to kill.”

Author: lifecoach4God

I am the Lead Pastor of Marin Bible Church (Bay Area), born and raised in Huntington Beach, Ca., and currently living in Novato, California. I am married to my best friend of 30 years - Dana - and have five adult children; and seven grand children. I have been a Teaching Pastor for over thirty years. I was privileged to study at Multnomah University (B.S. - 1988); Talbot School of Theology (M.Div. - 1991); Westminster Theological Seminary & Northwest Graduate School (D. Min. - 2003). I founded Vertical Living Ministries in 2008 with the goal of encouraging Christian Disciples and Leaders to be more intentionally Christ-Centered in how they live by bringing glory to God in nine key areas of life: (1) Intimacy with God, (2) marriage, (3) family, (4) friendship, (5) vocationally/ministry , (6) emotional and physical health, (7) stewardship of resources, (8) discipleship, and (9) mentoring.

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