Book Review: Fathering Like The Father by Kenneth O. Gangel and Jeffrey S. Gangel

Father and Son team up in this book seeking to accomplish three goals: to help Christian dads communicate God’s Word, to become better conversationalists with our Heavenly Father, and to provide resources in producing godly fathering.

Each chapter takes one of 15 attributes (humor, grace and mercy, forgiveness, love, jealousy, truthfulness, friendship, communication, holiness, discipline, faithfulness, wisdom, intimacy, trustworthiness, and goodness) of God’s “fathering” behavior and hones in on a key Biblical passage to show how earthly father’s can learn from God’s ways of fathering us; provides a real life story, or example related to each topic from Ken and Jeff; a section offering principles, applications, and action steps; questions for discussion; and helpful suggestions for Father/child dialogue.

I found the book to be Biblically based; clear; concise; illuminating; insightful; deepened my appreciation for how God “fathers” us, and encouraging in helping me to become a better father, and grandfather to my kids and their kids. I hope that many dads will read this book and apply its principles so that we can spread the fragrance of Christ in our families and influence our culture by reflecting God’s glory by being more like His Son.