The Heart of a Christian Mentor

Qualities and Qualifications of a Mentor by Ron Lee Davis

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In 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, the apostle Paul listed the qualities and qualifications for people who would occupy positions of leadership and influence in the church. I believe these lists are just as applicable to the role of mentor as to other positions of influence, such as pastor or elder. Here is my own paraphrase of Paul’s qualifications for a biblical mentor:

(1) A mentor must be well-established in the Christian faith, not a recent convert.

(2) A mentor must be a person of good reputation and above reproach.

(3) A mentor must be faithful to his or her spouse.

(4) A mentor must be level-headed and self-controlled, not controlled by bad habits or addictions.

(5) A mentor must be honest and genuine.

(6) A mentor must love what is good, upright, and holy.

(7) A mentor must be biblically literate, daily studying and holding firmly the truths of Scripture.

(8) A mentor must be able to teach others.

(9) A mentor must be hospitable, ready to welcome both friends and strangers.

(10) A mentor must have a gentle and gracious spirit, not given to violent outbursts or anger, not quarrelsome.

(11) A mentor must not be a lover of money and material possessions.

(12) A mentor must be a mentor at home first; that is, a mentor must prove that he or she can nurture, love, teach, train, and counsel his or her own children before attempting to be an example to others.

Mentoring by Ron Lee Davis

– Ron Lee Davis. Mentoring: The Strategy of the Master. Thomas Nelson: Nashville, 1991, pp. 211-212.

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